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yours sincerely,

li ming


i just can not tell you how sorry i was to learn of your unhappy experience/injury/accident/divorce。

i felt very sorry indeed when i was informed of your sickness。

i wish there were something i could say or do to ease your sense of loss/to soften your grief。

i know there were no words that can be a comfort to you now。

i hope that you will soon be completely restored to health/get well again。

please don’t hesitate to call on me if there is anything i can do now and always。


dear li gang,

i was really shocked andsaddened to hear of your unhappy experience in the earthquake。

there is little that anyone can say or do at a time like this to ease your grief, but i would express my deepest sympathy。

in the next day or so you will receive a little package from me. i hope you like it, and that it will be useful ai your present moment.what’s more, please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything else i can do now and always。

i do hope you will soon get well again and be able to come back to school. be assured of my availability and eagerness to help in any way i can。

yours sincerely,

li ming

4.2 备忘录/告示类应用文写作(memorandum/notice)





date:(month day,year)





you are an active member of the student newspaper. the newspaper is currently looking for journalists for the summer semester. write a memo that will appear in the newspaper next week describing the position available。

date: august 10,2005

to: all students

from: li ming

4.3 摘要写作(abstract)

this article focuses on the …。

this thesis discuss/analyzes…。

this paper provides an overview of …

this paper presents up-to-date information on …




this is a very interesting and though-provoking picture.1 as is vividly depicted in the picture ,the goal keeper thought he was too small for the gate and was afraid that he could not keep the ball from entering the gate. but what the player, who was ready to shoot, thought about the goal keeper could not help us thinking the truth of the picture it conveys. in his eyes, the goal keeper was so strong that he had almost covered the whole gate. and little did he have the chance to win.2 obviously, the two players looked at the same thing in a different angle.3 (in different angles)




2. 现象简介

today , advertisements is mounting numbers are appearing on the tv screen . 1 they are not only shown before and after all kinds of programs —- news, weather forecasts and quiz shows, etc. —- but even interrupt dramas and movies ,2 and annoy the viewers.3





what a vivid and accrate picture it is when describing the meaning of love in the dark. 1 as is shown in the picture ,the love is just like the light in the picture ,which seems insignificant in the sun ,but it certainly shines brighter in the dark.2 in other words ,the darker the place is ,the more precious the light will be.3 love is somewhat the same. it surely means much moer to the man who is in great difficulty than to the one who is in comforts.4





species’extinction in america. facing the figures, we can only admit that america’s population growth has had undesirable effect on its wildlife and will still pose a formidable threat to its wildlife resources if sufficient care is not given.3





(as far as i am concerned, there are several reasons accounting for the phenomenon。)1 first and foremost, the reasons for this phenomenon are that tv is the most efficient and rapid way of dissemination(传播)information.2 as china develops its highly competitive market economy, manufacturers and sales people(salespersons)need to inform the general public of the latest commodities that are available.3 furthermore, tv stations use the money that they earn from showing the advertisements to produce more programs. last but not least, it is necessary to keep consumers informed of the range of (the)products that they may choose from。(原文的过渡出现在下一段)




however, the tobacco consumption is experiencing a decrease, 1 according to the given figures, the tobacco production in 1994 was 14.364 billion pounds while in 1995 it reduced to 14.2 billion pounds. this is mainly because 2 more and more people have become aware of the harm of smoking to human brings.many of them resist the addiction to tobacco and advise people around not to smoke. furthermore, governments of many countries realizing the serious effects of tobacco have taken effective measures to call on people to give up smoking. so i believe a healthy tomorrow of less tobacco will be achieved through efforts of every person.3


※2、列举原因,this 作过渡词



in the country, on the other hand, one can enjoy the advantages of fresh air and food, and a more relaxed(relaxing)life style. housing is usually spacious and inexpensive in the country. i and, as for recreation, what could be more relaxing than a stroll down a country lane amid beautiful scenery? 2 however, there are disadvantages of living in either the city or the country.3 city air tends to be polluted, and the streets are always crowded and noisy. in the country, on the other hand, the lack of stimulating activities can make a person feel bored and isolated.4






it seems reasonable when people laugh at the cartoon, but it would no longer be laughable when people find similar things taking place in our daily life.1 recently there is a trend of making promises in various fields of our society. from departments of government to common shopping centers, many businesses who supple products of offer services have made various promises to their customers or service receivers.2 they assert their products to be of good quality or promise to offer excellent service.3 as a matter of fact, many of these businesses claim in the same way that(比较)the hen in the above cartoon promises to lay eggs.4





※表示性质,代替adj.=of +n。(小作文高分必杀)

e.g. helpful=of any help assistant=of any assistance good=of any good harmful=of any harm

the following examples will support this point.1 in schools, a unit-exam not only declares the end of the former unit, but also acts as a reminder of the preview work for the next unit. in the business field, what a ceo needs to do at the end of a year is more than review and summarize (review and summarizing). it is the time to formulate and effective and efficient development plan for next year.2 just turn back to the sports ground。(句号结束)although in front of the end there isn’t a real start—arrowhead, there surely exists an invisible one sprouting(appearing)in every athlete’s mind, blooming(being)the training strategy of the preparation for next competition.3





it is clear that promise is what you claim you can do or you will do, not what you really are or you are expected to be.1 generally speaking, it is good and sometimes necessary to make commitment to people, but promising what you must or should do can be considered a kind of cheating.2 what the cartoon really aims at is not the funny picture itself but to criticize this popular phenomenon existing in our society.3





child education has become one of the most popular topics discussed not only by educational experts, but also by people in all walks(职业、行业) of life.1 the failure of child education does more harm to the development of our society and our civilization than to the children themselves. thus, it’s high time that parents, educators and the government made concerted(共同努力的,同心协力的,conert得来)efforts to put an end to this situation.2(家长,老师和政府应该怎么做)



in our life, what we need most is self-insurance and a proper view of challenges before us. 1 therefore, we should bear in mind that our competitors may not be as terrible(frightening)as expected, and our painstaking efforts will pay off as long as we arm ourselves with courage and confidence.2 only in this way can we overcome any difficulties and challenges.3



※3、only 表示强调,以及建议的价值。


all in all, i would say that living in the city is best(better),1 for the convenience the city offers in terms of education and work(job opportunities);2 after all, one can always spend vacations in the country—and get the best of both.3




as for me, i have always led a regular life.1 by everyday exercises, i build up a strong body,2 and by reading intensively i learn to acquire a proper attitude toward life.3





as we all know, children are the future of our country, their healthy growth has therefore become a serious concern among many people.1 it should be made clear that too much care is not love. the real love and care for them are to prepare them for the future. when faced with difficulties, they can summon up the courage and exert their strength to overcome the difficulties. when faced with fierce competition, they can employ their knowledge, skills and experience to confront with their rival.2 this is the younger generation we can expect.3






this is a series of interesting and thought-provoking pictures. a goalkeeper, who is trying hard to keep the ball from the goal, sees himself as a dwarf. what’s funnier is that the football-player, preparing to kick the ball, regards the goalkeeper as huge as the goal. the meaning conveyed by the picture is clear but profound. both of them lack courage and confidence in front of challenges。


the majority of people would agree that everyone may feel challenged when a powerful rival appears in his/her mind. what divides them into successes and losers is their attitude towards confidence。(we can easily find the equivalent of the topic discussed here in our surroundings。)we, undergraduates girding ourselves for the netem(the examination for postgraduate candidates),provide a good illustration. some of us feel depressed when thinking that they are not able to prepare well, so they even give up the chance of participating in the examination. in fact, the exam is not as difficult as they suppose, and a little more courage and confidence will motivate them to achieve the final successs。


accordingly, it is the time that we placed great emphasis on building up our confidence. what we should bear in mind is that no one can overcome difficulties without confidence。(in other words, we should be honest about the challenges we face。) only in this wa we can se a right goal. challenge it ,and achieve it。






2007年part a 真题及解析(投诉信&建议信):


write a letter to your university library ,making suggestions for improveing its service. you should write about 100 words on answer sheet 2.

do not sign your own name at the den of the letter. ues “li ming” instead. do not write the address。

to whom it may concern,

i am a student in this university who regularly comes to the library to spend ma spare time. generally speaking ,the services you offer here are quite good; however ,i have some suggestions for you to adopt. and i would like to extend my greatest appreciation if you are so kind as to take my suggestions into consideration。

to begin with ,will you please prolong the time for reading? in the daytime, most of the students are having classes, so they can’t come to the library. moreover ,some of the books on shelves are out of date. if you are so kind as to provide us some books such as the latest magazines ,we will be very pleased。

i really wish to have a more comfortable library. thank you for your time and consideration。

yours sincerely,

li ming

2008 part a 真题及解析(致歉信):


you have just come back from canada and found a music cd in your luggage that you forgot to return to bob ,your landlord there. write him a letter to

make an apology, and

suggest a solution。

you should write about 100 words on answer sheet 2.

do not sign your own name at the den of the letter. ues “li ming” instead. do not write the address。


dear bob,

i am writing to express my apology to you。

several days ago,i borrowed your music cd when i lived in your house. unfortunately,after i came back from canada,i found it in my luggage. was in such an hurry that i forgot to return it to you .i will send it to you by post of expose as soon as possible. if necessary,i will compensate for any troubles it may cause。

once again,i feel so sorry for any inconvenrence caused. please accept my apologies。

sincerely yours,

li ming

2006年part a真题及解析(申请信&请求信)


you want to contribute to project hope by offering financial aid to a child in a remote area. write a letter to the department concerned, asking them to help find a candidate. you should specify what kind of child you want to help and how you will carry out your plan。

write your letter in no less than 100 words. write it neatly on answer sheet2.

do not sign your own name at the end of the letter, use“li ming”instead。

do not write the address。(10points)


to whom it may concern,

i am writing this letter to you to ask if there is a child in need of financial sponsorship through the hope foundation。

i am willing to give financial aid to those children who have not had a chance to receive education in poverty-stricken area。 i would like to help two kinds of children:first,those who do not have a stable source which can cover their education fees,and second,those whose academic performance in school is excellent. i have decided to commit myself to save the necessary

financial aid required to accomplish my goal. i would also like to be kept informed as to the academic progre
ss of each student every term。

i have not doubt(there is not doubt)that i meet the criteria required for a sponsor and look forward to hearing from you。

thank you for your consideration。

yours sincerely

li ming






yours sincerely

li ming


dear sir,

it is with a great pleasure that i recommend to you mr. li lei, an outstanding accountant, for working in your firm。

mr. li graduated from china financial university in 1991, majoring in accountancy, after graduation,he came to our firm to be an accountant. in 1996 he obtained the certificate of a certified accountant ,and in 2001 he was promoted to the one of the chief accountants of our firm because of his excellent work。

in association with me,mr. li impressed me that he was a friendly and pleasant gentleman,devoted to his firm and profession .it is surely a huge loss for our firm that he has to leave us for some personal reasons。

i recommend mr. li without reservation and believe you will find him a real treasure very soon。。

yours sincerely,

li ming

2005年part a 真题及解析(辞职信):


two months ago you got a job as an editor for the magazine design and fashion .but now you find that the work is not what you expected. you decide to quit. write a letter to your boss, mr. wang,

telling him your decision ,stating your reason(s),and making an apology。

write your letter with no less than 100 words. wrte it neatly on answer sheet 2. do not sign your own name at the end of the letter; use “li ming”instead. you do not need to write the adress。


dear mr.wang,

i am writing this letter to apologize that i will quit the position as an editior for you are your magazine for the reason of myself。

two months ago, i was accepted by the design and fashions,as a member of it . i was deeply impressed by the kindness,diligence of all staff members around me. but during the span of working here, i have come to realize that the job probably is not suitable for me because i want a more pesceful life ,such as a teacher. and you know that i am not an outgoing girl. i find that i am not able to devote all my efforts to a job which i do not reslly like。

so i am awfully sorry to tell you my decision to quit.please accept my apology。

yours sincerely,

li ming



you are preparing for an english test and are in need of some reference books.write a letter to

the sales department of bookstore to ask for:

detailed information about the books you want,

methods of payment,

time and way of delivery。

you should write about 100 words on answer sheet 2.do not sign your own name at the end

of the letter.use“li ming”instead.you do not need to write the address。


dear sir/madam,

as a student preparing for toefl in the coming may,i am writing to ask if you have

appoches to toefl complied by professor wamg sming and published by university college

press in 2006(注意次序)

if you have the book for sale,i’d like to mail order it.pleasel let me know if i can pay for it.by money order or do you accept the credit card?

i’d appreciate it if you could send me the book at your earliest convenience by ems to the following address:

li ming

room 158, student dormitory no.8

west campus, beijing university

beijing ,100081

sincerely yours

li ming

第五篇 补充部分

应用文— 摘要参考

to begin with, the purpose of the writer is to show us that (中心词一)is of grate significance, yet the though-provoking implications conveyed should be taken more carefully. some driving factors that contribute to the above-mentioned issue may be summarized as follows. above all, we may look into every possible reason except the leading cause, which is(分论点一)。in addition, as far as the author is concerned,(分论点二)is of utmost importance to both our society and ourselves. to sum up, by analyzing these factors illustrated in the essay, we may draw the conclusion that importance should be attached to (中心词二)





what the author illustrates in the cartoon reflects a hot topic which caused our concern: the problem of draws more and more attention from many quarters。

naturally, it is not a coincidence. several factors could account for it and the following are the most critical ones:

① 经济原因any behavior has profound economic motivation and the same goes with n./n短语

② 公共意识the public fail to see the consequence of the problem conveyed by the picture above and let it go without taking any action。

③ 法律法规the relevant authorities fail to see the consequence of and did not make related laws and regulations in time to control it。

④ 家庭教育not every parents is qualified for bringing up children successfully ,and thus their children

no other case can better illustrate this point(the severity of this problem) than the phenomenon describes in the above picture(s)。

(二)关于人生的抽象(信心、团结、不断进取、爱心) 有之如何,没有又如何

what the author illustrates in the cartoon reflects a hot topic which caused our concern: it is that play a vital role in ones entire life. naturally, anyone who is in possession of is likely to overcome the obstacles which are inevitable if ones are proceeding forward and achieve successive successes. however, there are a great number of people lacking in . for them, it is tough to crack the hard nuts and deal with the challenges . and any minor barrier tend to be a factor that leads to their final failure . the above picture is a vivid reflection of what i have discussed。


what the author illustrates in the cartoon reflects a hot topic which caused our concern:the wide presence of has caused mixed result . it is not a difficult job to realize its advantages and disadvantages. however, in my opinion, its attractions outweigh its shortcomings , though no one can deny its disadvantages. to begin with, …… furthermore, …… the phenomenon described in the above picture vividly reflects what we have discussed 。


(一)it is urgent for us to take measures to minimize and even eliminate its disadvantages. the current state of affairs may have been encouraged—though not justified—by the lack of legal penalty. it is a promising start to take legislative initiative make the behavior of… illegal 。

(二)according to the analysis above, it is urgent for us to take measures to maximize its advantages and minimize its disadvantages. of the steps that we can take, to make the public realize its complex is of most importance, for, consciousness is the precondition of action. only after being conscious, can we take concrete measures to make our aim come true。



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