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??原题:annie ernaux wins the nobel prize in literature for 2022


in her books the french author transmutes the private and the ordinary into something profound.


annie ernaux is surely the only winner of the nobel prize in literature to have written nostalgically—even ecstatically—about the london suburb of north finchley. her book of 2016, “a girl’s story”, is typical of the french writer’s approach. as the author recounts formative late-teenage experiences in normandy and as an au pair in london, she blends deeply personal memoir with social and historical insight. decades later, she returns to the city for a literary event; while her fellow delegates consume culture, she takes the tube and plunges “back into my past life”. as she writes, “the only thing that matters to me is to seize life and time, understand, and take pleasure.”在一切的诺贝尔文学奖得主中,只需安妮·埃尔诺早年满怀欣愉与复古之情,书写伦敦市郊北芬奇利的故事。她的作品《一个女孩的回想》写于2016年,笔触带有典型的自个颜色。作者自个的回想与其对社会和前史的洞见在书中完满交错。这本书叙说了一位即将成年的少女在诺曼底日子以及在伦敦做互利生的阅历。几十年后,她回到这个城市参加文学活动;火伴们都忙着感触文明空气,她却踏上地铁,去“重温往日的日子”。她写道,“对我来说,仅有重要的就是掌控生命和时刻,去了解,去享受。”

ms ernaux’s forensic but lyrical french prose has been seizing life and time, and mining literary pleasure from even the most harrowing memories, for almost half a century. on october 6th the swedish academy chose her as its nobel laureate for 2022 “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory”. she is a prose poet of everyday hopes and fears; she probes how change and conflict affect the most “ordinary”?of folk, especially women of supposedly low status. many of her books channel the life she has led not around left bank cafés and salons, but in cergy-pontoise, a new and unglamorous suburban town north-west of paris.近半个世纪以来,埃尔诺一向以“手术刀”般精准尖利而又不失柔情的办法创造法语散文,以文字感知生命和时刻,在哪怕最苦楚的回想中寻找文学的欢愉。10月6日,瑞典学院公布她2022年诺贝尔文学奖,赞誉其“以勇气和敏锐的洞悉力提示了自个回想的本源、隔阂和集体捆绑”。她在散文诗中记载每日的希冀与惊骇;她谈论改变和冲突如何影响那些最“一般”的民众,特别是方位低下的妇女。她的许多作品都有自个曩昔日子的影子,不过并不是在左岸咖啡馆或沙龙,而是在巴黎西北部一个前史不算悠长、平平无奇的市郊小镇塞尔吉·蓬图瓦兹。

born in normandy in 1940, ms ernaux’s parents ran a café-grocery. she studied in rouen and bordeaux, taught in secondary schools and then, for 23 years, worked for a french distance-learning university, cned. her shelf of two-dozen books began with fiction (“cleaned out”?in 1974) but soon moved into a form of creative autobiography in which rigorous, unsparing accounts of private life enter the flow of shared social experience.1940年,埃尔诺出世在法国诺曼底,父母运营一家兼营咖啡馆的杂货店。她曾就读于鲁昂大学和波尔多大学,在多家大学任教,随后23年都在法国国家远程教育中心(cned)作业。1974年,她出书首部小说《空衣橱》,随后写个性格转为一种创造性自传体,至今共结束二十多部作品。在她的自传体作品中,具体记叙的自个日子与集体的共有回想一同涌动。

“a woman’s story”?(1987), a searing account of her mother’s life and death from alzheimer’s, helped secure her reputation in france. the injustices of class, gender and background loom large in her work, but never as political abstractions. this is history felt on the body, not just processed by the intellect. “i believe that desire, frustration and social and cultural inequality are reflected in the way we examine the contents of our shopping trolley or in the words we use to order a cut of beef,”?she has said.在《一个女人》(1987)中,她用伤感严格的言语再现了母亲的终身,直到母亲晚年因患晚年发呆去世。这部作品树立了她在法国文坛的方位。她的作品充溢着阶层、性别和布景的不公,但这些都是故事人物切身的领会,而绝不是常识分子创造出来的政治笼统概念。她早年说过,“在我看来,往常的一举一动代表了咱们的愿望、沮丧、社会和文明不对等,不管是查看购物车产品的方法抑或是在餐厅点牛排的用语。”

desire, shame, sickness, loneliness and depression may brand her own and other lives. but, within and behind the most intimate feelings, she traces the marks of a whole culture and an epoch. this unique angle of vision broadened into “the years”?(2008), the book that ranks as her masterpiece. its autobiographical trajectory widens into a collective psycho-social history of france between the
1940s and the turn of the millennium. decades, governments and attitudes pass, but adverts, catchphrases and fads lodge in the collective memory as much as big ideas or great events. translated by alison strayer, it won the warwick prize for women in translation in 2021 (of which your correspondent was a judge): to date, one of ms ernaux’s few honours in the anglosphere. in france, her many awards include the prix de la langue fran?aise and the prix marguerite-yourcenar, both for the entire body of her work.愿望、羞耻、疾病、孑立和抑郁,这些是留在她和同年代人生射中的痕迹。可是,在这些归于个另外心境不和,她追溯到了整个文明和年代的印记。这种一起的视角在其代表作《悠悠年月》(2008)中进一步深化。这本书由自个及社会,创造出“无人称自传”新体裁,记载自20世纪40年代至千禧之交的法国集体社会意理史。时过境迁,各方情绪早已不再,但各种广告、标语和时髦留在集体回想中的方位不亚于各种巨大思维和大作业。该书由艾莉森·l·斯特拉尔翻译,于2021年获得英国沃里克大学“女人译著奖”(本栏作者担任该奖评委之一)。迄今中止,这是埃尔诺在英语文明圈获得的少量荣誉之一。在法国,她曾斩获多个奖项,包括法兰西言语奖和玛格丽特·尤瑟纳尔奖,这两项奖均赞誉了她的悉数作品。

much like those of abdulrazak gurnah, last year’s nobel laureate, and patrick modiano, the winner in 2014, ms ernaux’s books have steadily accumulated into a formidable oeuvre, rather than appeared as rare starbursts at long intervals. nobel picks may also send out a veiled topical message, as this one does. at a moment when everyday existence in the supposedly affluent west once again feels stressful and precarious, the academy has garlanded a humble chronicler of the perils, ordeals and satisfactions of daily routine. in ms ernaux’s hands, the supermarket trolley may become a vehicle of history. her writing elevates those humdrum, embarrassing or cringeworthy experiences that “high”?literature spurns in distaste. it draws from them beauty, dignity and (sometimes) tragedy. after all, as “a girl’s story”?insists: “what counts is not the things that happen, but what we do with them.”与上一年诺贝尔文学奖得主阿布拉扎克·古纳和2014年得主帕特里克·莫迪亚诺相同,埃尔诺的作品已平稳累积、佳作辈出,而不是长时沉寂、偶尔闪烁。相同,本次诺尔贝奖的评选成果可以开释出了隐秘的信号。当西方世界的我们理应往常衣食无忧,却面临无量压力、甚至危在日夜时,瑞典学院将本年的文学桂冠公布了一位普通的记载者,她在书中记载普通日子中的风险、磨难和满足。在埃尔诺的笔下,超市的小小购物车摇身一变,变成前史的载体。她的写作给那些单调甚至令人尴尬的人生领会添加了新的颜色。“高档”文学所不齿的内容,她却发现了其间的秀丽、庄严,有时也有凄惨剧。正如《一个女孩的回想》中所述,“重要的不是发生了啥,而是咱们怎么应对。”


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